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WIO November and December Writing Workshops on Zoom

Join us to share your memoir, fiction and or poetry in a supportive environment and receive feedback from Ronni Miller, professional writer, editor and Book Midwife. See details below:
November 9 16, 23, 30, 2022
December 7, 14, 21, 28, 2022

November 3, 10, 17, December 1, 2022
December 8, 15, 22, 29, 2022
2:00-4:00 PM

Registration required:
*Tuition: $100

Two methods to pay tuition:
1) ZELLE address:
2)CHECK payable to: Write It Out and mailed to: Ronni Miller at 7316 Eleanor Circle, Sarasota, FL 34243

Robi Jode Press Release

New Book & Staff Appointment

Hot Off The Press:

Love In The Blueberry Patch- One Author’s Journey Through Essays and Poems is now available on Amazon! It is also available as an e book on Kindle from Amazon.

Ronni Miller takes you from her childhood to the present wrapped in imagination, and reality that clashed with doubts and desires. Discover how writing, her plumb line, carried her through the ups and downs of life. The essays and poems in this book are factual foundations that supplied much of Miller’s fictional opus in short stories, novels, and plays. To know a person’s literary work is to know the person and her life experiences.

The gestation period occurred during the Pandemic, and there were times Miller said, that “it resisted being born.” As in all births the struggle is forgotten and the joy of “holding the book and showing it off takes precedence,” she concluded.

The cover images are representative of her life, as Leo, the lion is her symbol. She leaned against the statute of a lion in the front of her apartment house in Irvington, New Jersey as a young child and leaned against a statute of a lion in a restaurant in Venice, Italy as an adult just before the Pandemic. Miller felt both pictures are an illustration of inner meanings especially of strength and loyalty. You will find “The Lioness And The Sun” one of the essays in the book another example of how the lion has impacted her life.

Enjoy the experiences.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Eric F. Miller to our staff of Robi Jode Press as Technological Specialist. Eric, a University of Virginia computer science major, has already proven his ability to troubleshoot computer problems and provide necessary knowledge and assistance to bring our written materials into the world.

Hot Off The Press!

Love In The Blueberry Patch- One Author’s Journey Through Essays and Poems is now available on Amazon!
Miller takes you from her childhood to the present wrapped in imagination, and reality that clashed with doubts and desires. Discover how writing, her plumb line, carried her through the ups and downs of life. The essays and poems in this book are factual foundations that supplied much of Miller’s fictional opus in short stories, novels, and plays. To know a person’s literary work is to know the person and her life experiences.

Summer Workshops

Write It Out®

Zoom from Ronni’s Studio

June 8, 15, 22, 29, 2022
July 6, 13, 20, 27, 2022

June 9, 16, 23, 30, 2022
July7, 14, 21, 28, 2022
2-4 PM EST

Join one of our workshops to share your stories.

Registration required:

Virtual Express Writing Workshop

The Write It Out® four week virtual Expressive Writing Workshop on Zoom begins Thursday, November 4 from 2-4 PM EST. Contact to register.

June Writing Workshop

Write It Out®

June 3, 10, 17, 24, 2021
2-4 PM EST
From Ronni’s Studio
Registration required:

Vaccinated we’re a bit freer now.

At home though or wherever the place is that calls you to write remains the same. The ideas, thoughts, feelings, experiences that float through your mind need a place to land. That place is often through your fingers on the keyboard or pen/pencil in hand sliding across a blank page.

Summer has slipped into consciousness wherever you are and its lazy days spark memories of surf, mountains, farms, valleys or even a hammock to dream and record in poetry, prose or theater pieces.

Your words unique onto yourself are your legacy and you are the master of your journey.

Join us this June to share those stories.

On Going Expressive Writing Workshops

On Going Expressive Writing Workshops will continue on Zoom Thursday afternoons through 2021 from 2-4 PM EST. These are 4 week terms given from my home studio in Sarasota, FL. Anyone who wants to express their story in any genre is welcome to attend. Registration is required. Please contact Ronni to register and inquire about tuition.

December Expressive Writing Term

December 4 week Expressive Writing Term begins Dec. 3, 2020 2-4 PM on Zoom.
Anyone who desires to express events of their life in fiction, nonfiction, poetry and or theater pieces will enjoy this small workshop. Pre registration required. Contact Ronni Miller or 941-359-3824 for further information.

Between Lovers Published

Between Lovers, Ronni Miller’s newest book a collection of fiction short stories and ten minute plays has just been published and is on Amazon! Don’t miss these autobiographical fiction stories by an award winning author that capture life with humor and insight.

Write It Out Writing Workshops Ongoing

Write It Out Expressive Writing Workshops are now ongoing on Thursday afternoons from 2-4 PM on Zoom. Registration is required. Contact for more information or 941-359-3824.

Beat Loneliness! Write

Loneliness has increased in this time of COVID 19. One way to beat it is to expressi yourself in writing. Write for yourself. There is no editor. The process of purging feelings, memories and experiences with written words is important. It can be just a list of words, a stream of consciousness and it doesn’t have to make sense. Within a few minutes of writing time you are transported to another time and place in your life. In those minutes your feelings are freed. A burden is lifted. Relaxation occurs. You’ve spoken to yourself. You are our own audience.

June Virtual Workshop

Join us on Wednesdays or Thursdays for four sessions of Expressive Writing Workshops. Dates: Wednesday, June 10, 17, 24, July 1, 2020 2-4 PM on Zoom.
Thursday: June 11, 18, 25, July 2, 2020 2-4 on Zoom.
Registration required. Fee: $95 for the term.
Check payable to Write It Out PO Box 704 Sarasota, FL 34230
or PayPal:
Contact Ronni: or 941-359-3824.

Travels With Ronni

Isolate sounds prick at my mind. A bird calls to another outside my window.
Silence inside envelops me. My fingers itch for the keys. They wait for a thought to course through my veins to fingertips. I hear the clicking and watch the screen. I’ve begun something.

We went to sleep and woke up one day to a new world. A world of social distancing because of the world-wide pandemic caused by COVID-19 the Coronavirus that has overtaken us in just days.

There has been an epidemic of loneliness for several years and now with the new edicts of social distancing, loneliness affects a great deal more of the population.

In these times when forced isolation provides reams of unaccustomed time it can be put to use by writing. Partly as self-entertainment and partly to be shared with others through the phone or Internet or in some cases in person within the household.

Writing is one way to fend off this loneliness and stress due to uncertainties, loss of income, health and isolation from family and friends. Write about how it feels today. Write about past experiences good and bad and how feelings and emotions, decisions and outcomes impacted your life. The process can simply be writing in a journal or it can take the form of a letter, poem, play, short story, essay or even novel. Before long you have several pages, about pieces of events scattered through your life. These pieces can be placed in a three ring notebook, a box or file and also bound into a book.

One just gets started by doing. Putting one word down on a paper or on the screen and other words follow without thought.

For me, writing has been my companion. My soul mate who doesn’t fall asleep on me when I’m speaking or mention that I’ve told that story before. It supports my thoughts. It embraces my words. It gives me the opportunity to vent and in so doing understand more of a condition or situation.

In one room, in front of my laptop, I can travel backward in time to anywhere. There are no security checks or flight delays. Travel is instantaneous. My system can dwell on one spot, one action, one emotion for however long I please. I can transverse pink sand, cool to the souls of my feet in 90 degree temperature next to aquamarine water sliding up the shore. I can see him stand on the promontory camera in hand, sweat dampening his blond hair capped under a safari hat. What the camera did for us led to a novel that fed on itself.

In this new world we have been given a reprieve from frenetic-ness. Time is our own not dictated by others. We are finally in control of our own lives at least in the decisions about time. “There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens” Ecclesiastes 3.
We can choose to make this time useful for ourselves by documenting the situation for posterity through words about how we felt, observed, reacted.

Empty shelves in supermarkets. People lined up before it opens to hoard or to obtain only for the moment food and products once never so important like hand sanitizer and toilet paper.

We have time to “live life in radical amazement” a phrase coined by Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel to “get up in the morning and look at the world in a way that takes nothing for granted. Everything is phenomenal, everything is incredible, never treat life casually. To be spiritual is to be amazed.”

To record in word all that is happening, has happened and might happen is to expose a piece of oneself for posterity and leave a legacy.

On Going Zoom Expressive Writing Workshops

Our Expressive Writing Write It Out® workshops on Zoom are ongoing on Wednesday afternoons 2-4 PM. For more information contact Ronni at or 941-359-3824. Writing is an excellent way to engage with your feelings, memories and experiences and feel less alone.

Virtual Expressive Writing Workshop

Join us for a Virtual Expressive Writing Workshop on Zoom from Ronni’s Studio for a four week term beginning Wednesday, April 15th 2-4 PM. Tuition $95. Contact Ronni or 941-359-3824 if interested.

Ronni Reads from Domestic Shorts

Ronni Miller will read from Domestic Shorts, her collection of short stories at the Dancing Crane Gallery Village of the Arts Bradenton, FL 1101 10th Ave. W. Bradenton, FL 34205 at 1 PM on Saturday, March 7, 2020. The National League of American Pen Women-Sarasota Branch Art Show will be at the gallery as well. Goggle Dancing Crane Gallery for more information.

Expressive Writing Workshop: Masks

Join us for our Expressive Writing Workshop: “Masks” every Wednesday in February 2-4 PM at Ronni’s Studio, Sarasota, FL.
Workshops begin Wednesday, February 5, 2020. Contact or see for more details.

Expressive Writing Workshops

Wednesday’s At Ronni’s Studio 2-4 PM
Jan. 8, 15 22. 29, 2020
Registration: or 941-359-3824
Tuition: $95 or $25 per class.
An incubation space for beginner-advanced writers to express life experiences in prose, poetry and theater pieces.
Facilitator Ronni Miller, award winning author; creator and developer of Write It Out® a motivational and expressive writing program since 1992.


There is a correction in our SPUR newsletter under the heading Linda Odom Published. Linda is a flight attendant not stewardess. Words are important in today’s gender appropriate consciousness.


The popular Expressive Writing Workshop continues at Ronni’s Studio in Sarasota, FL through the winter and spring from 2-4 PM. Next term: December 4, 11, 18, 2019.
These workshops are open to all who have life altering experiences to express in prose, poetry or theater pieces. See for more details or contact Ronni: or 941-359-3824.


Join us October 21-October 29, 2020
at a special writing retreat at the historic Ville Le Barone, a four-star hotel in the Chianti region of Italy a short distance from Florence. Tuition of $950 includes workshop, private consultations and evening salons with Ronni. Registration begins January 6, 2020.See for more details or contact Ronni RMillerWIO@gmail or 941-359-3824


Join us around the table to share your fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Learn Write It Out techniques based on sensory and life experiences. Wednesday afternoons 2-4 PM- November 6, 13,
20, 27, 2019. Contact Ronni for tuition, location and registration, 941-359-3824,

Expressive Writing Workshop

The time has returned to express the stories that have impacted your lives. Join us around the table and share your prose or poetry as we begin a new year.


(7316 Eleanor Circle Sarasota 34243)

Expressive Writing Workshop

Wednesday, September 11, 18, 25, Oct. 2, 2019 2:00-4:00 PM

Tuition: $95 if paid in advance or at the first class or $25 for individual classes.

RSVP for a place around the table or (office)941-359-3824.

There are still a few openings for the Tuscany Writing Workshop
October 16-24, 2019
See for more info.

See you soon.

You’re Not Alone Work with a professional Book Midwife

Clients have told me over and over again how much they’ve felt less alone when they work with me and motivated to attain their goals.
“If it wasn’t for you I’d never get this done.” Mary P.
“I needed someone in my corner just to get the words out.” Alice G.
“You’re such a good listener. It’s almost like therapy.” Carol W.
“Thank you for being there with me while I write my journey.” Evelyn L.
“You helped me in ways I was not even aware of.” James D.

You know you want to write your story, leave a legacy to your family, but are not sure how to begin. You need a coach, an experienced writer and editor to give you individual attention and guide you to accomplish your goals.

No material is too small or too large. Some of my clients come to me with an idea and few words to support that idea. We work together and the material grows. Some clients come to me with a box full of papers collected over the years to tell their story and are unable to decipher where the story begins and how to bring it through to its climax and conclusion. Some clients are working through loss, isolation, cancer or other life threatening illnesses and their therapists and doctors suggest writing their stories. Some are in the throes of completing a book and need a professional ear and eye to help carry it to completion. I can also help with self-publishing and finding an agent.

Contact me or 941-359-3824 for an appointment in person, by phone, Skype or Face Time in Sarasota, FL or anywhere in the US. Payments are accepted by check, money order or cash. See for more information about Ronni Miller and the Write It Out® program.

July Expressive Writing Workshop

July Expressive Writing Workshop at Ronni’s Studio, Sarasota, FL Wednesdays July 3, 10, 17, 24 , 31, 2019 from 2-4 PM.
Write prose, poetry and theater pieces to express your story.
Contact Ronni or 941-359-3824 to register.

2019 August Writing Workshop in Cape Cod

Expressive Writing Workshop In Cape Cod August 19, 20, 21, 2019 at the Holden Inn, Wellfleet, MA. See for information or contact Ronni: or

Listen To Radio Interview with Ronni

The radio interview aired June 13, 2019 on WSLR 96.5 Sarasota, FL
Here is the link to the recording of the show on the radio station’s archive:

If the above link doesn’t work, here is the recording archived on our own website: wslr_interview.mp3


Expressive Writing Summer Workshops

Join us on Wednesday afternoons from 2-4 PM at Ronni’s Studio in Sarasota, FL for an Expressive Writing workshop. All levels welcome to write fiction and nonfiction, poetry and/or plays. Contact Ronni: or 941-359-3824.

Radio show arcived

Listen to my interview “On Becoming an Author” on the WSLR 96.5 Betty & Friends Thursday June 13, 2019 archives. It will be available for two weeks.

Ronni on The Radio

Thursday, June 13, 2019 listen to FM 96.5 WSLR in Sarasota, FL to hear me interviewed on “Betty & Friends” speaking about my life as a published author.

Join Me In Tuscany

There are still openings to register for the Tuscany writing retreat and workshop October 16-24, 2019. The deadline to register is June 22, 2019. Join me to celebrate Write It Out’s twenty-two years of facilitating workshops in Italy and many years at the Villa Le Barone in Panzano, Italy where the workshop is held. It has the comfort of a four star hotel and the graciousness of bygone years. A family owned villa since the Renaissance, its Tuscan cuisine and wines are authentic to the region and cooking classes are available as well. You will write surrounded by the sensory beauty of the hills and valleys of Chianti, the chestnut and olive trees and vines heavy with ripe grapes, the sounds of bels from the 10th C. church down the road and the smell of lavender and late blooming roses. See  “Tuscany” on or contact for more information.

Ronni Miller’s play Exposed Successful!

Ronni Miller’s two-act play Exposed was read at SAPS (Sarasota Area Playwrights Society) Sarasota, FL on April 29, 2019. Comments from audience members made up of actors and playwrights were “It’s similar to Wendy Wasserstein’s play Heidi Chronicles” and “a beautiful play.” The play reveals the story of one woman’s passion to write from childhood to adulthood that’s beset with obstacles of rejection personal and professional until an epiphany is revealed.

May Expressive Writing Workshop

A five week Expressive Writing workshop will be held at Ronni’s Studio Pinehurst Village Sarasota, FL May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 2019 from 2-4 PM. All levels of writers welcome. Contact Ronni to register.


A four week Playwriting workshop will be held at Ronni’s Studio, Sarasota beginning Friday, April 19, 2019-May 10, 2019. Contact Ronni at or 941-359-3824 for more information.


A brand new four week Expressive Writing Workshop will begin on April 3, 2019 2-4 PM at Ronni’s Studio, Sarasota, FL. It is for anyone impacted by life altering situation,s to express feelings, memories and experiences through journal writing, poetry, prose and theater pieces. Contact Ronni at or 941-359-3824 for more information.

Tuscany Retreat & Writing Workshop

Register by April 2, 2019 to secure space and room at Villa Le Barone, Panzano, Tuscany Italy. See for details.

Venice Book Fair

Visit me at the VENICE BOOK FAIR Saturday, March 16, 2019 9:00 AM-3:00 PM at Blalock Park 200 Turin St. across Nassau St from the library.  I’m in booth 46. You’ll have a chance to see my new book Domestic Shorts a collection of 18 fiction stories about love and relationships. See for more on Domestic Shorts now available on Amazon.

Date Change For Tuscany Workshop

The new dates for the Tuscany Retreat & Workshop are Wednesday, October 16 -Thursday, October 24, 2019. The good news is a discount of over $25 daily on accommodations for students. Clients and students of Write It Out are also eligible for a discount of $50 on tuition. Register now and make your reservations directly with the Villa Le Barone. Be sure to tell them you are part of Ronni’s group. See for more information.

Boost Your Creativity

Free writing workshop Friday, October 26, 2018 11:00 AM-12:30 PM at the Center for Arts & Humanity 1226 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL. I’ll facilitate a mini-workshop.
of Write It Out® exercises. Join in the fun. Registration link:

Ronni Publishes articles

“Business Or Unconditional Love” and “Expressive Writing; A Foundation For Business Success” just published in the book CREATIVE GENIUS and “An Epiphany” published in the book THE LIGHT BETWEEN US available at Good read. Don’t miss them.

By Popular Demand!

By popular demand Ronni’s Studio Workshops continue through August and September on Thursdays. Creative Writing: 11AM-1 PM, Playwriting 2-4 PM.
Contact Ronni to register. Private sessions and perks available.

New writing Workshops in July

Join us for new workshops in creative writing and playwriting on Thursday’s in July, 2018 at Ronni’s Studio in Sarasota. Creative Writing is from 11 AM- 1:00 PM and Playwriting is from 1:30-3:30 PM. Call Ronni 941-359-3824 or e-mail for more information.

Travels With Ronni

As writers we often travel alone, both literally and figuratively.

“Alone is like a stone”
“Alone is like a stone” were the words I heard years ago from a lover. I’ve never forgotten them or him. When we are alone we have time to think. We dialogue with our own minds, heart and whoever else you might identify as spirit. This is good, often comforting. Sometimes it leads to tangled paths and walls too high to climb alone. That’s when you turn to another, most definitely a listener. I am a listener.

Clients say I’m an exceptional listener
My clients have reiterated many, many times over the last twenty-six years that I am an exceptional listener. That I’ve given them a safe environment to express their stories, reveal their trauma and find their voice through writing. This is the authentic material that lies below the surface of all writing be it fiction, memoir, poetry, prose or theater pieces.

Encourage the positive
As I writer myself, I appreciate when I’m heard, when my stories are taken to heart and suggestions of a positive nature are made so that I feel encouraged to edit, shape and mold to have the material better clarified. I do that with clients.
Too many editors place themselves in godlike positions to pronounce success or failure of a writer’s attempts.

Help focus on the goal
There are times that the journey is strewn with pebbles, rocks and even boulders sometimes seemingly impossible to climb. Sometimes the forest is so dense the goal is lost. I understand when a client comes to me and says I’m confused. I help them navigate over the blocks and see through the trees to the light. I help guide them to focus on the real importance of what they want to say by listening and interpreting their clues and adventure forward with their words. We are both excited with the outcome.

Process More Important Than Product
You are not alone when you work with me to birth your books. The process of self-discovery through your own words boosts your self-confidence, and in the end the process is more important than the completed product. You have an enthusiastic listener, experienced developmental editor and one who has discovered fulfillment in helping others birth their books in whatever genre you have chosen or it has chosen you.

You’re Not Alone
Clients have felt their aloneness, common condition of a writer, is shared with a fellow traveler who cares that they attain their goals.
No material is too small or too large to sort through. Some of my clients come to me with an idea and few words to support that idea. We work together and the material grows and as it does so does their confidence in the ability to plant seeds and reap the mature growth. Some clients come to me with a box full of papers collected over the years to tell their story and are unable to decipher where the story begins and how to bring it through to its climax and conclusion. We do that and it becomes a published book. Some clients are working through trauma such as PTSD or, cancer or other life threatening illnesses and their therapists and doctors suggest writing their stories and send them to me to help. Some are in the throes of completing a book and need a professional ear and eye to help carry it to completion. In all cases

Contact me or 941-359-3824 for a free private consultation to ascertain whether we are a match for each other. Appointments are in person in Sarasota, FL or through Skype or FaceTime, anywhere or by phone in the US. Payments for future appointments by check or money orders. See for more information about Ronni and the Write It Out® program.

Ronni Miller

Author of seven books: Where To Go With Your Lover, Dance With The Elephants-Free Your Creativity And Write, Cocoon To Butterfly-A Metamorphosis of Personal Growth Through Expressive Writing, Inside Outside Clyde, The Bread Thief, Pumpkin Soup, Domestic Shorts.

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25 individualized writing session package for the price of 20.
Available July through September

Each hourly session includes manuscript reading and contact time by phone and internet.
Additional Phone and e-mail questions are free.
Payment required in advance.

Time is precious. Don’t waste it.
Use your summertime to focus on your writing project and take advantage of this special offer.

Contact Ronni the Book Midwife for more information. or 941-359-3824.

Don’t Miss The Retreats!

The Summer Writing Retreats in Cape Cod and Tuscany are approaching the deadline of the 31st of May 2018 to register. Don’t miss out on an experience of a lifetime. Relax and write surrounded by flavors of yesteryear brought into the 21st century sensibilities. Write beside the Atlantic Ocean and in view of the hills of Tuscany. See all information of and contact Ronni to say you’ll join us.

Travels With Ronni

April 23, 2018
A student wrote, “I’ll be celebrating my big birthday on a river cruise to see the tulips in Holland.” I wished her a special celebration. It sounded like this was a
a long, desired destination one perhaps mixed with imagination. It does sound romantic to sail into a location and be lost in the colors of tulips. The anticipation stirred by imagination is sometimes the best part of the trip. An ageless time perhaps meshed with childhood stories when graphics only appeared in one’s head.

How delightful, if one could nestle into a magic carpet, tap a wand and think a location and within in an instant be in that place. Alight and wander unhindered, tourist erased, unencumbered by suitcases or passports, simply meld into the scene with the locals going about their daily business. Language would not be a barrier, for no words need be spoken only instinct driven action would suffice.

Better yet, old friendships would renew as if no time had interfered and one would walk the pavement, absorb the odors, exchange nuances of weather or state of mind.

There is a substitute for a magic carpet and takes only seconds to acquire. It’s fingers on keyboard or wrapped around a pen striking letters on paper. Within seconds one is transported anywhere one desires. For me, it is often a place that has touched me and left clefts in my being. Today, I am transported back to Bermuda, “The Rock”, a place I lived for a short while, long enough to absorb an expat culture and become one with it. Many things happened there that became manna for my opus that included a novel, short stories and poems and even the painting that became the cover of one of my books.
Another expat called it “idyllic” and he like many came for a short stay and remained a quarter century mesmerized by something beyond
and just as much entwined on that collection of islands no longer than twenty-four miles and no wider than one mile plunked in the Atlantic Ocean with aquamarine water lapping at its shores. It was the only place that I’ve lived where I became a friend overnight and at the very least an acquaintance on the street, for newcomers were embraced like jewels from the sea. Affairs abounded like weeds, romance the unwritten rule of the day and long term marriages a rarity.

I am removed from that life for over twenty years with brief voyages back, and yet I sometimes yearn for the magic of fantasy coddled, reality kept at bay and imagination cherished.

Domestic Shorts is on Amazon!

Ronni Miller and Robi Jode Press
announce with pride the publication of Domestic Shorts!

This collection of eighteen short stories of romance, humor and pathos in relationships is now available on Amazon
as of November 11, 2017! In this new 5 ½ by 8½ paperback version, you’ll read a collection of stories, some previously published in magazines. Ronni has read many of the stories at Performance Readings and in her Write It Out® workshops.

Enjoy it and write a review.

Honor your own creativity.

Travels With Ronni

Traveling in mind can be as rewarding as in person. On November 11, 2017 I had my first view of my latest book Domestic Shorts ( that appeared on Amazon’s selection of fiction books. This collection of eighteen fiction stories with a cover of my painting of clothes hanging on a line is two hundred and eight pages of places where I’ve lived and traveled that include Woodstock, NY, CA, Bermuda and Italy. Truth and fiction are mixed with romance and lovers focused on relationships. The title domestic shorts is a play on words. Rereading these stories takes me on a memory trip of my life.

Time travel back to Livingston, NJ in 1980 when I held the published copy of my first book Where To Go With Your Lover. I remember the thrill of seeing and feeling the slim, shiny cover with a picture of two roses in a bud vase painted by a friend. It housed fifty-two pages of places to wine, dine and stay in the metropolitan area of NY and NJ, the Berkshires and Bermuda with memoir stories set in some of those locations. This little book opened the way for me to pursue my career in writing and publishing.

I’ve traveled far from that first published book to now and I’m just as thrilled today to see my seventh book and first to be offered on Amazon. I sit in front of my computer in my studio in Sarasota, FL and see the book with its cover, ISBN number and information how to purchase it. I congratulate myself on the journey that has taken me up and down hills and valleys and my determination to pursue a career that began as a desire in childhood to grow up to be a published writer.


October 2, 2017

Ronni Miller’s private practice has expanded and includes several new packages and perks. As Book Midwife-Writing Coach she is available to all writers of all stages in their evolvement. She specializes in memoir, fiction, and poetry manuscripts. Ronni is sensitive to the process of birthing material as a published writer of fiction, poetry, nonfiction and plays for over fifty years, and has won awards for her short stories. You can work with her in person, over the telephone, Skype or Face Time, and discuss your project with her free of charge before arrangements are made to work together. See her website for more details. Her contact information is or 941-359-3824.

She is former editor of magazines, public relation director in corporations, copywriter in advertising agencies and educator in public and private schools, colleges and hospitals. Ronni brings insight, curiosity, experience and positive feedback to her clients. She is above all sensitive to the birthing process and encourages her clients with gentleness to discover their own unique voices in writing resulting in development of self-confidence and self-esteem.

She created and developed Write It Out®, a motivational and expressive writing program in 1992 and has facilitated workshops throughout the US, Italy and Bermuda ever since guiding people to express their feelings, memories and experiences. James W. Pennebaker, PhD, internationally known and leading researcher in the field of Expressive Writing (Opening Up) has endorsed her Write It Out program and book Cocoon To Butterfly: A Metamorphosis of Personal Growth Through Expressive Writing. The Write It Out program has additionally segued into the healthcare field where Ronni facilitates workshops and works privately with cancer survivors.

Most of her clients have published their projects. As Book Midwife she can help you birth your book from inception to delivery.

Travels With Ronni

This is the beginning of my blog to share with you thoughts, feelings and experiences of years of traveling. The places I’ve been and return to as often as possible, have fed my imagination as much as given me a sense of peace and balance. My home base in Sarasota , Florida is a place of work and reflection. Much of my written opus reflects my life and experiences both true and fictionalized that are set in places I’ve lived such as rural New York farms, Tuscany hills and valleys, Venetian canals and alleyways, and talculm powdered beaches on the rock, Bermuda. It is with my life long experiences as a writer and teacher sensitized to the human experience that I offer my clients guidance as Book Midwife-writing coach. These blogs will appear as often as possible on my website and you’re welcome to comment.

September 30, 2017

My first sight of Cyprus trees made me sigh with a feeling of peace that I had returned home. Traveling by car on the road leading to Villa Le Barone, Panzano in Chianti, Italy, a five star hotel near Siena late August 2017 I felt embraced once again by the hills and valleys covered in grape vines and olive trees.

I’ve been traveling to Italy for the past fifty years. The countryside of Tuscany is where a branch of my literary life began as a young married woman with three children aged three, five and seven and neophyte writer. Years ago I had made arrangements to stay for a week in the hills outside of Siena so that we could observe the festivities surrounding the Palio, the famous horse race operating since the Medieval ages. I was unaware at the time that Villa Solia was owned by Arturo Vivante, a novelist and short story writer and recipient of the Katherine Anne Porter award for literature. My meeting with Arturo was beshert, (destiny) since it set me on my path as an autobiographical fiction writer, as he was. He mentored me through decades of our friendship and was also my writer-in-residence at many Tuscan writing workshops until his death a few years ago.

The 10th C church down the dirt road from the Villa Le Barone where our retreat was held this year as they have for many, tolled the hours and kept us on course through the day and night. It was the reminder of time rolling on through the centuries, of humans living out their lives close to the land and harvesting tradition in both food and culture. We responded through words and paints to our own relationships to the land.

Travel has been in my blood since infancy when my father, a lawyer, a romantic and first generation American had the yen to see and experience different places and countries always taking me, my mother, and subsequent siblings on trips from our city apartment in New Jersey and later home in the suburbs. Much of travel in my early years was by car, and childhood summers were spent on dairy farms in the New York Catskill mountains where farmers took in guests. It’s no wonder that the rural countryside still calls to me.

On a trip with parents and siblings by ship from New York to Southampton, England at the end of my junior year at Boston University we traveled by train to and through northern European countries until we arrived one rainy, August day in Venice. We were welcomed with open arms by the motorman who taxied us to the Royal Danielle Hotel. That evening I stepped out on the balcony. The full moon shone on the Grand Canal below and the gondoliers sang with no passengers in their gondolas. I who has studied ballet and theater saw this as a live stage setting and I fell in love at that moment with a country and a people, a love that has never left me.

La Serenissima, Venice massages my curiosity, as with all lovers a sense of mystery stimulates interest. Year after year I return to the canals, bridges and winding alleys around the time of my birthday to mark the occasion of my adolescent love. These unexplained ingredients have provided much of my opus of stories and plays.

I flew to New York on the heels of my return from Italy and survival of hurricane Irma in Sarasota, Florida my home base. Once again I felt calmed by the Catskill mountains in Woodstock, New York and neighboring rural farm community of Greenville, New York. Woodstock had taken me in years ago when I was fraught with imbalance, unsure of a direction after a divorce, attempts to find a soul mate and sustain myself financially. The epiphany I had one winter morning over twenty-six years ago as I sat at my desk in my home studio in Lake Hill (a hamlet of Woodstock) in the eclectic pine cabin I built surrounded by mountains and fields of undulating hay provided the direction for my life. Write It Out was born that moment in my cabin of pine and glass. I’m forever grateful for that experience that has given me the opportunity to write, teach and guide others to find their centers through writing.

This was the 23rd year for my annual one week intensive writing workshop in the farm community of Greenville, NY where we again, as in all of my workshops focus on the sensory experiences of both inner and outer world. A student gave me a peach from her tree. “All organic. More than organic,” Jane said. It was the sweetest fruit I’d tasted. Another student Barbara brought in flowers from her garden, one a huge purple zinnia, “My favorite color”. I remarked. “Keep the jar,” she said. “It’s an old canning jar of my mother’s.” Still another student Roberta brought in green peppers from her farm. Last month her grown son died suddenly from a massive heart attack as he was haying their fields. That day she was dressed in pink and wrote about the joy of seeing his pictures as a young child. Coming to class and writing was her way of finding peace and continuing with life.

I’m felt embraced by the mountains once again. The roads were devoid of traffic and wound up and down and around past cows grazing and fields of shucked corn as I drove forty-five minutes each morning and returned early afternoon to and from Greenville from my dwelling in Woodstock. It was my pleasure to hear the written stories of their childhood chores that included Jan picking boulders from the soil and placing them on a “stone boat” to be made into stone fences and allowed plants to flourish into sustainable crops or Jane helping to can with the ritual of sitting on the front porch in the shade at six years old peeling the just par- boiled tomatoes with a sister while sipping fresh lemonade.

The drive back on the thruway to Albany, New York and two flights back to Sarasota, Florida were long, but fortunately uneventful. Flights were smooth and luggage arrived on the carousel intact.

This is a quiet, reflective time before classes begin next week. Clients have waited for my return and we’ve already begun our sessions and I’m involved with their stories, always a pleasurable activity.

Harvesting memories is a phrase I heard mentioned in the Greenville class and traveling is just as much a mind time to harvest these memories and write about them.

If you want help with putting your stories into a book I’m just a phone call 941-359-3824 or e-mail away.