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Travels With Ronni

As writers we often travel alone, both literally and figuratively.

“Alone is like a stone”
“Alone is like a stone” were the words I heard years ago from a lover. I’ve never forgotten them or him. When we are alone we have time to think. We dialogue with our own minds, heart and whoever else you might identify as spirit. This is good, often comforting. Sometimes it leads to tangled paths and walls too high to climb alone. That’s when you turn to another, most definitely a listener. I am a listener.

Clients say I’m an exceptional listener
My clients have reiterated many, many times over the last twenty-six years that I am an exceptional listener. That I’ve given them a safe environment to express their stories, reveal their trauma and find their voice through writing. This is the authentic material that lies below the surface of all writing be it fiction, memoir, poetry, prose or theater pieces.

Encourage the positive
As I writer myself, I appreciate when I’m heard, when my stories are taken to heart and suggestions of a positive nature are made so that I feel encouraged to edit, shape and mold to have the material better clarified. I do that with clients.
Too many editors place themselves in godlike positions to pronounce success or failure of a writer’s attempts.

Help focus on the goal
There are times that the journey is strewn with pebbles, rocks and even boulders sometimes seemingly impossible to climb. Sometimes the forest is so dense the goal is lost. I understand when a client comes to me and says I’m confused. I help them navigate over the blocks and see through the trees to the light. I help guide them to focus on the real importance of what they want to say by listening and interpreting their clues and adventure forward with their words. We are both excited with the outcome.

Process More Important Than Product
You are not alone when you work with me to birth your books. The process of self-discovery through your own words boosts your self-confidence, and in the end the process is more important than the completed product. You have an enthusiastic listener, experienced developmental editor and one who has discovered fulfillment in helping others birth their books in whatever genre you have chosen or it has chosen you.

You’re Not Alone
Clients have felt their aloneness, common condition of a writer, is shared with a fellow traveler who cares that they attain their goals.
No material is too small or too large to sort through. Some of my clients come to me with an idea and few words to support that idea. We work together and the material grows and as it does so does their confidence in the ability to plant seeds and reap the mature growth. Some clients come to me with a box full of papers collected over the years to tell their story and are unable to decipher where the story begins and how to bring it through to its climax and conclusion. We do that and it becomes a published book. Some clients are working through trauma such as PTSD or, cancer or other life threatening illnesses and their therapists and doctors suggest writing their stories and send them to me to help. Some are in the throes of completing a book and need a professional ear and eye to help carry it to completion. In all cases

Contact me or 941-359-3824 for a free private consultation to ascertain whether we are a match for each other. Appointments are in person in Sarasota, FL or through Skype or FaceTime, anywhere or by phone in the US. Payments for future appointments by check or money orders. See for more information about Ronni and the Write It Out® program.

Ronni Miller

Author of seven books: Where To Go With Your Lover, Dance With The Elephants-Free Your Creativity And Write, Cocoon To Butterfly-A Metamorphosis of Personal Growth Through Expressive Writing, Inside Outside Clyde, The Bread Thief, Pumpkin Soup, Domestic Shorts.

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