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You’re Not Alone Work with a professional Book Midwife

Clients have told me over and over again how much they’ve felt less alone when they work with me and motivated to attain their goals.
“If it wasn’t for you I’d never get this done.” Mary P.
“I needed someone in my corner just to get the words out.” Alice G.
“You’re such a good listener. It’s almost like therapy.” Carol W.
“Thank you for being there with me while I write my journey.” Evelyn L.
“You helped me in ways I was not even aware of.” James D.

You know you want to write your story, leave a legacy to your family, but are not sure how to begin. You need a coach, an experienced writer and editor to give you individual attention and guide you to accomplish your goals.

No material is too small or too large. Some of my clients come to me with an idea and few words to support that idea. We work together and the material grows. Some clients come to me with a box full of papers collected over the years to tell their story and are unable to decipher where the story begins and how to bring it through to its climax and conclusion. Some clients are working through loss, isolation, cancer or other life threatening illnesses and their therapists and doctors suggest writing their stories. Some are in the throes of completing a book and need a professional ear and eye to help carry it to completion. I can also help with self-publishing and finding an agent.

Contact me or 941-359-3824 for an appointment in person, by phone, Skype or Face Time in Sarasota, FL or anywhere in the US. Payments are accepted by check, money order or cash. See for more information about Ronni Miller and the Write It Out® program.