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Robi Jode Press Release

New Book & Staff Appointment

Hot Off The Press:

Love In The Blueberry Patch- One Author’s Journey Through Essays and Poems is now available on Amazon! It is also available as an e book on Kindle from Amazon.

Ronni Miller takes you from her childhood to the present wrapped in imagination, and reality that clashed with doubts and desires. Discover how writing, her plumb line, carried her through the ups and downs of life. The essays and poems in this book are factual foundations that supplied much of Miller’s fictional opus in short stories, novels, and plays. To know a person’s literary work is to know the person and her life experiences.

The gestation period occurred during the Pandemic, and there were times Miller said, that “it resisted being born.” As in all births the struggle is forgotten and the joy of “holding the book and showing it off takes precedence,” she concluded.

The cover images are representative of her life, as Leo, the lion is her symbol. She leaned against the statute of a lion in the front of her apartment house in Irvington, New Jersey as a young child and leaned against a statute of a lion in a restaurant in Venice, Italy as an adult just before the Pandemic. Miller felt both pictures are an illustration of inner meanings especially of strength and loyalty. You will find “The Lioness And The Sun” one of the essays in the book another example of how the lion has impacted her life.

Enjoy the experiences.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Eric F. Miller to our staff of Robi Jode Press as Technological Specialist. Eric, a University of Virginia computer science major, has already proven his ability to troubleshoot computer problems and provide necessary knowledge and assistance to bring our written materials into the world.