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Travels With Ronni

Traveling in mind can be as rewarding as in person. On November 11, 2017 I had my first view of my latest book Domestic Shorts ( that appeared on Amazon’s selection of fiction books. This collection of eighteen fiction stories with a cover of my painting of clothes hanging on a line is two hundred and eight pages of places where I’ve lived and traveled that include Woodstock, NY, CA, Bermuda and Italy. Truth and fiction are mixed with romance and lovers focused on relationships. The title domestic shorts is a play on words. Rereading these stories takes me on a memory trip of my life.

Time travel back to Livingston, NJ in 1980 when I held the published copy of my first book Where To Go With Your Lover. I remember the thrill of seeing and feeling the slim, shiny cover with a picture of two roses in a bud vase painted by a friend. It housed fifty-two pages of places to wine, dine and stay in the metropolitan area of NY and NJ, the Berkshires and Bermuda with memoir stories set in some of those locations. This little book opened the way for me to pursue my career in writing and publishing.

I’ve traveled far from that first published book to now and I’m just as thrilled today to see my seventh book and first to be offered on Amazon. I sit in front of my computer in my studio in Sarasota, FL and see the book with its cover, ISBN number and information how to purchase it. I congratulate myself on the journey that has taken me up and down hills and valleys and my determination to pursue a career that began as a desire in childhood to grow up to be a published writer.