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News from the Mountains

September, 2013. Fall sprung quietly this year in the midst of Indian Summer.  One day the leaves were green and almost the next day there were red, gold, yellow and orange leaves dropping on the floor of the kitchen porch where I hung my clothes to dry and ate brunch on weekends.  This 1910 rented house in Woodstock, NY has been my late summer and early fall writing retreat and home for a number of years. It’s the place where novels and short stories grew and this year where I finished the first draft of my play Exposed. My “gypsy mobile” packed with manuscripts, books, clothes, bedding, dishes, pots, memories and an artist’s photograph of a chair, isolate on a indoor landing bathed in light from a window. I thought about that chair, its connections to people and home and the symbols it provides for life and for writing and themes for this year’s creative and expressive writing workshops. As always, I believe the fall portends new beginnings for all of us.  We’ve been refreshed by vacations and ready now to be creatively stimulated, to open up and discover the richness of ourselves through writing.

Do something for yourself and make an appointment with me, the Book Midwife and together we will birth your book. Appointments are virtual as well as long distance through telephone, Skype or e-mail. See our Write It Out calendar for the writing workshop schedules in Sarasota, Tuscany, Cape Cod and New York.